Oct 2

Why is Sports Day Unpopular?

September 9th is Indonesian Sports Day. It is quite unpopular among citizens instead of Independence Day or Heroes Day. So, why does it not popular? Indonesian, as the member of developed country doesn’t think that sport and exercise is important. It’s not been their life style yet. The willingness to reach and add prosperity becomes the only need to gain their pride. Physical needed is not placed in the first priority of people’s lives.

Although the government holds such kind of big event to commemorate that day, people’s euphoria isn’t great as its budget. The lack of exercise consciousness doesn’t happen that easy. That exercise need should be build since in childhood. Children have the golden period to remember all things they learn. They need to understand that exercise is needed for their body and health. Physical Education in school need to be revised as well as the era grows. It helps children to let them know how exercise is so important in their lives.

In some years recent, in some big cities in Indonesia, government holds a kind of day that the vehicles are not allowed to pass in main road. It’s called CFD (Car Free Day). It decreases the volume of pollution and gives more space for people doing exercise like jogging or walking. Unfortunately, instead of exercising people are having trade there. Some of them catch the chance by selling so many kinds of food, fashions, accessories, etc. Most of them come to this area not for exercising, but for shopping.

Indonesian national media is appreciative by showing and reporting the events correlating with Sports Day. They also invite some athletes in their interview session to gain our spirit in winning some international competition. They almost forget that National Sports Day is not for athletes only. It’s not about winning competition only, but building our characters. It’s not about commemorating that day, but reminding ourselves about the importance of exercise.

Oct 2

Bedroom Furniture Stores Types for Smart Buyer


Among the rooms inside a house, bedroom may be the first space to decorate. A bedroom will be a place to take a rest at the night after work hard a full day or just for take a nap a while.  Often bedroom is decorated according to the taste and personality. Show your character and personality by applying furniture according to your taste. There are many bedroom furniture stores provide bedroom furniture in various style and price.

It is available for you to visit and see all furniture of the furniture stores to find the most suitable furniture for your bedroom. Sometime, money cannot be an object when a people try to get comfortable furniture for their live. There some type of bedroom furniture stores that may useful to know, especially if you are looking for the furniture for a bedroom.

Discount furniture stores are an outlet of furniture that usually met at the outskirts of town. The cost per square foot is low because the stores tend to be located in the outside of town that far from downtown. These stores can be very large and fulfill with many furnishings. You can find furniture in various qualities; even in high-quality one if you could come at the right time that make your eyes keep opened.

Boutique is typically a small store which often located in the center of city. Boutiques offer a nice and comfortable place for buyers. You can look for many kind of furniture like wood carved bed and nightstand. For you who want to buy furniture on a budget, consider to visit these stores.

Online stores have several advantages for buyers. You can look the furniture via online at your home before purchase them. Just visit some websites of online stores to find all furniture that you need. You can buy the furniture without going to the stores. But keep in mind to buy in the trustworthy stores. If you aren’t sure about the furniture before you look and touch it directly, you can take the advantage of online search before go to that stores.

Each type of bedroom furniture stores has its own advantages and disadvantages. It doesn’t matter any store type that you choose. The important thing is that you have to think about all furniture that really need by you and consider the appropriate store that provided them.

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Oct 2

Poster Bedroom Sets and Two Different Type to Decorate the Room


Poster bedroom sets are a bed in vertical column, in every each corner along the post. Poster bedroom will give the traditional appearance for the bedroom. Applying this poster set for the bedroom make the furniture to be more sophisticated and elegant appearance. That poster bedroom is frequently used for traditional bedroom. Today there many manufacture produce poster bedroom that appropriate to set in contemporary style until the modern. So, it is not difficult to get those items in various options according to your taste.

Poster bedroom sets come in various material and size. Buy them one in matching furniture. If you want to choose in simple design, buying the wooden poster bedroom is the right choice. If you tend to interest in more durable and long lasting bed that still available to your children to the future, buying the wrought iron poster bedroom sets in more expensive price is the best option. There are two types of poster bedroom that available to buy in local furniture store.

  • Ordinary Bed

It is a bed feature that has four posts in every each corner of bed. Those are available to create from aluminum, wood and iron. The bed appearance will be more elegant by the long posts in intricate design and pattern on it. Even it just the ordinary bed, it is also available to appear in stylist appearance because it also has the long post that equipped with design and pattern. This ordinary bed is available in many market and stores.

  • Canopied Bed

It is a poster bed that has to be modified. Although it has got modifications, that modern bedroom set still has usual posts in four for every each bed corner. It is able to differ easily from ordinary bed that uses bedroom canopy. Today, adding the bed detail with canopy is available. It can be made from linen. It can be used as the curtain for a bed. The bedroom canopy will add the elegance. It is also sophisticated for the overall bed appearance and available to increase the privacy in the bed.

Try to apply the most appropriate poster bedroom sets because they are created to apply in different rooms. Some of them may apply for conventional modern, contemporary or conventional. Applying one of them is useful to decorate the room.